Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The richness of attire, unassuming

She walked through her dreams:

The glittering lamps on the way

Illuminating the mansions, magnificent;

the valley down, gave her the vastness.

She stopped and stared

An alley at the end?

Lamps gave me shadows

Mansion gave me the fear

Valley gave me the loneliness

And this alley, a choice?

A whisper with in

And this alley?

Is it the end of my journey?

Is it the end of the path I treaded ?

Am I reached a wall, I have to hit and crush myself?

Am I reached a cliff , I have to push myself down?

In her trance a mystic voice:

This journey has no beginning and end:

Its path is unknown.

When u push from the cliff

Rises the mountain, your savior?

Your wings shall grow,

U can believe.

And as u hit on the wall

It shall collapse and

Open a new way.

She walks in her unassuming attire

Walks her way

Life after life

Death after death

To reach a cliff , to find the mountain rising

to grow her wings to fly.

Her steps are not fumbled

Her paces are no more limping

She moves and moves

To reach the wall

to crush it


To Open a new way.

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog, Komath. A fitting outlet for your lovely poetic talent!